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Danielle< >Aubert
Photo Portfolio
Danielle AUBERT   Born in Toulouse (France) in 1965, I have a double university degree in literature and communication. Passionate about photography since I was a teenager, I benefited a stay abroad to attend courses of creative photography with a professional in order to look further into my technical bases and to develop my own photographic language.

My first exhibition called “Kaleidoscope” took place in Plzen (Czech Republic) in 2011. Through twenty pictures, I tried to show that the antithesis consists of a fixed perception of a landscape and an impression of movement caused by the light. The city of Prague was my inspiration and the success of this exhibition strengthens me in my work and in the search for a form of aestheticism.

Africa, and more particularly Morocco, became my new source of inspiration. The exuberance of shimmering colors and a rich light in its shades constitutes a real paradise for a photographer. A new exhibition about the threatened animals and the management of a photo workshop for adults during 2 years represented a new challenge and an amazing experiment

California constitutes a new stop in my journey. My objective was to improve my work, to go back to basics, to take courses in the New York Institute Photography, to obtain a certificate and, finally, to take time to meet famous photographers. This course allowed me to definitively orient my self towards the "travel and wildlife photography". Obviously, the wealth of the wildlife, the flora and of the landscapes of the American pacific coast were my preferred ways during my photographic walks.

Arrived in Wales, I discover a beautiful country full of history, with amazing landscapes and provided with a very rich fauna and flora, a true paradise for a photographer. In the aim to meet new photographers, I become an active member of a Welsh photo club. I also decide to imply myself locally in an association for the nature conservancy... Still a good reason to make beautiful pictures.